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Press Release: EdCast’s SalesU 2.0 Drives Deeper Integration with Salesforce


EdCast’s SalesU 2.0 Drives Deeper
Integration with Salesforce

SalesU 2.0 Suite will be Featured at TrailheaDX (June 28-29) with AI-driven Solutions in 30+ Languages and Productivity Enhancements

SalesUMOUNTAIN VIEW, CA /BusinessWire/ — EdCast announces the launch of SalesU2.0, the most robust end-to-end sales enablement suite available for mid-to-large enterprises. SalesU 2.0 will be featured at Salesforce’s (NYSE: CRM) TrailheaDX conference starting today, of which SalesU is a proud Summit Partner.
The SalesU Suite addresses sales team productivity across three dimensions, which correspond to the three core solutions in the SalesU suite (now available on Salesforce AppExchange). SalesU 2.0 includes the following updates to its solutions:

Reduce Sales Cycle Length

EdCast’s GuideMe™ is the in-app guidance and training app used to create personalized walkthroughs of customized instances of sales tools (e.g., Salesforce, Apttus, Steelbrick), including AI-driven audio tours in 30+ languages. Reduce hours of unproductive questions about how instances work and allow your customers to get familiar with your service most rapidly to progress the discussion.

Increase Sales Win Rates

SalesU Coach™ is an AI-powered role-play and mentoring app for perfecting sales pitches and demos. It can now be rated by state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) models and posted directly to Salesforce opportunities via SalesU Insights, giving your team a competitive edge.

Optimize Bookings Per Sales Representative

SalesU Insights™ provides real-time contextual knowledge and information from both internal and external premium content, so that sales reps can better prepared for customer interactions to maximize their outcomes and create stickier relationships to drive greater total booking value.

“We know time-efficient use of sales tools, mentoring, and targeted usage of information drive sales success,” says EdCast CEO and founder, Karl Mehta. “These are key aspects behind our launch of the SalesU 2.0 Suite and our early adoption with key customers. We are excited to present the SalesU solutions — GuideMe, Coach and Insights — at Salesforce TrailheaDX 2017.”
With current customers that include GE, HPE, Accenture, Shire, Dell EMC and other Global 2000 companies, the SalesU Suite is available to these and other customers in addition to their current EdCast Knowledge Cloud solutions. New customers can sample EdCast’s SalesU solutions via the website on a no-cost trial basis.
Knowledge management leader Mehta reiterates EdCast’s commitment to enterprise sales teams with his recent blog post, stating, “Making salespeople highly productive is absolutely mission critical for EdCast.
The importance of this commitment to organizational sales enablement is reinforced by industry experts.
”70% of organizational sales performance improvement initiatives fail to deliver the intended result,” says sales enablement and training expert, Mike Kunkle, founder of Transforming Sales Results, LLC. “These initiatives can work–they just require a purposeful plan, like my sales learning system and five stages for sales behavior change. EdCast’s SalesU provides support for several of these stages and can help organizations realize the behavior changes needed to improve sales productivity.”
SalesU will be presenting its suite of solutions at TrailheaDX on Day 1 of the conference at a developer session entitled “Drive Sales Productivity & Extend Your Solutions With AI-Powered Sales Tools” at 1 pm on June 28. For more information or to watch this session, contact EdCast at
About EdCast
EdCast’s Knowledge Cloud uses software, artificial intelligence and analytics to weave together internal content, expert insights, and millions of external resources into an easy-to-use, distributed personalized knowledge discovery platform. EdCast’s solutions, including its Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and SalesU suite of sales enablement tools, are now being used by 50+ companies, including GE, HPE, Dell EMC, Salesforce, Shire and Accenture. The EdCast executive team has a track record of building large-scale transformational technology solutions and is passionate about enhancing enterprise knowledge-sharing, training and learning experiences for organizations around the world.
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